Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Mysteries? Mystery? Detective work? Logical thinking?

These are NH Event’s keywords: We offer “Live Escape Entertainment” rooms for corporate events. We offer unforgettable team events of a special kind, for teams of up to 60 players at the same time.

5 reasons why your next team event will take place at NH Events:

  • Innovation – New way of team building with great fun factor;
  • Teamwork – Effective communication and collaboration are required;
  • Logic – Employees focus on problem-solving skills using logical thinking;
  • Creative thinking – No specific know-how is needed, but creativity is a must – Think outside the box!
  • Adventure – Immerse yourself in the background stories of the room and games.

We are happy to organise your personal event at our location which has a beautifully refurbished events and conference space, along with a bar and coffee shop.

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Off-site events for companies

Should you already have a location in mind to host your event, we can bring the entertainment to you.  We have a number of portable games that can be brought to you.

The NH Events team will be there for you all day, taking care of setting up, running the games and, of course, dismantling. In addition, we are available for any questions and coordination at your location.

With us, you can also create your own Escape Room experience: just tell us your ideas and we’ll create a game that suits your needs.

Portable adventures on the go

NH Events has developed a murder mystery escape-room out of a suitcase: puzzles and adventures packed together in a portable format.

Suitable for all events: from company events, dinner parties to the wedding party. The Fun Boxes are rented by you and delivered by us. The scenarios in the suitcases are designed for 2 to 4 participants, but can also be used as a competition between several teams.

The different scenarios can each be played in varying difficulty levels (from approx. 30 minutes playing time, through to a couple of hours).

Customizable Escape Box for companies

In 2020 we will introduce our brand new, customisable Escape box, which we have developed specifically for our companies customers. The content and theme of the boxes can be customised to fully meet the needs of your employees or customers.

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